10 Great Video Content Ideas for Your Company

October 13, 2019- Uncategorized- techadmin

There are lots of ways for your business to get noticed but among all these ideas, videos prove to be the most engaging. Easily launching you to the big scene, the tricky part is what content ideas should you start off with that will surely make an impact to your viewers?

Ironically enough, the sky is the limit for video content ideas, but still, finding your starting point and figuring out what the engaging contents could be crazy difficult. If you feel a little lost, worry no more as we have narrowed down the infinite list of possible topics to 10, and if you are having a hard time picking one, we hope this could lift the burden off your chest and get you kicking.

1. Behind the scenes – Who would not love a good ‘ol classic behind the scenes footages? Projecting a warmer vibe to your audience, it will be nice to let the public sneak a peek on your company’s culture and see how your employees are in work. Let this be the “exclusive backstage pass” for your viewers and you might just gain their trust more as they see more than your business-y side.

2. Product Features – One way to keep your viewers loyal to you is to engage them through your products or services’ features. Since this is what you are offering them, giving your audience the knowledge to each of what you are giving them is a key to keeping them. Create a video where you can highlight solutions and convenience to your audience in a simple but impactful manner. Not only will this increase your audience trust but also it could bring you more viewership as it can be easily shared across different platforms on the Internet.

3. Feature Experts – If you aim for easy yet quality content, you can never go wrong with inviting experts to talk about a topic related to your business. Get a credible influencer who knows every twists and turns in your industry fairly well and have a sit-down interview with them with questions either from you, or your audiences. Information, credibility, and substance—that’s three different things you can hit in this one simple video!

4. News – While you might be thinking what the relevance of having news for your company’s video is, do not panic—we are not turning you into newscasters or news channels. Deviating from the typical videos highlighting your company or your products, news coverage of events or new developments from your industry can also be beneficial for your relations to your audience. By informing them with social issues or breaking news within your industry, you position yourself to being a leader as well and people trust leaders who values social awareness.

5. Customers – Whether it is a simple question and answer interview, a product testimonial, or a product review, involving your audience into one of your company videos could engage them more with your brand as they have a special contribution to your company. It could appear more personal and you can prove how much your product or service affects the lives of your consumers by making this kind of video.

6. Infographics – If you want something different than the usual video shoots, why not try to make an infographic material? Infographic videos are getting popular these days and the share they get (especially on Facebook) are quite high. Aside from its eye-candy visuals, infographics catch the attention of audiences because of its entertaining presentation of data rolled in a short period of time.

7. Educational – Similar to infographics, this type of video also features content which helps the audience but done in a more traditional video shoot. While infographics are, well, very informative, sometimes, things are better explained with some video footages. Choose topics where you can share knowledge to your viewers about smart buying, the science behind your products, the technology you have been using, and other things related to your business that they can know of.

8. Webinars – Take advantage of the digital world and connect with your audience even across the world by conducting webinars. One way of increasing your influence, promote your business while sharing something meaningful in the form of online training.

9. Tips and How To’s – Another way of educating your audience, tips and how to’s are often broader and is somehow a break from the serious side of business. By getting topics that will put a smile to your viewers through simple life hacks, you will leave them coming back and will have you as their go-to place to visit when they are in need of solution to simple things.

10. Live Videos – Facebook and Instagram’s cool features of going Live gave birth to another kind of convenient content for videos. In just a click, you will be able to connect with your audience and share behind the scenes, information, or walk-throughs that you have prepared for them. According to Facebook’s product manager, people who spend more time watching live videos are three times greater than those who are not. Make the most of this new (and not to mention free) feature that can help you grow your business’ following but also make sure that you are sharing something useful for the audience so that they will watch your livestream again next time.

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