3 Simple Elearning Videos Preparation Hacks

June 5, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

Video is one of the most convenient and effective tools you can use to move products and ideas. Having the skills needed in creating elearning videos definitely provides great opportunities to educators and content marketers alike. Yet, improving your elearning videos may sound like a tedious task especially when you are just starting out.
We listed some simple steps you can do right now to be a great presenter and engage people through your content:

1. Strike a pose

Some elearning videos require the teacher to move a lot especially if they are teaching a practical or vocational subject. Before you start filming your content, film yourself doing several poses first. Film yourself walking, working the equipment, or standing up from a chair or from the ground. Try every possible gesture that you might do while filming your elearning videos. This will allow you to find your best angle, and possibly even improve your posture. Through this simple exercise, you will become more self-aware, and apply necessary adjustments before the camera start rolling.

2. Record your voice

Recording your voice and testing different audio equipment also serves as your “acoustic diagnostics”. Try recording your voice in different parts of the location and check which spot is the best for audio. Read different lines that convey different emotions in different pace and volume. Even if you can still edit the audio later, learning how to adjust your tone or modulating your voice can help you deliver your message effectively, giving you a head start when producing your elearning videos.

3. Talk to yourself in a life-sized mirror

Have you ever wondered how you look like when talking to people? Well, one of the ways you can satisfy your curiosity is by talking to yourself in the mirror or by reading your elearning video script in front of it. Not only will this allow you to look out for some interesting nuances or distracting mannerisms, you might also discover some new things about yourself!
These are only some of the things you can do to be confident, charming, and convincing when creating elearning videos. As you go along in your elearning journey, you will discover that you’re getting more inclined and more invested in self-improvement as well.
Just keep at it, and as always, happy recording!

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