5 Keys in Creating a Story-driven Video for Events

October 13, 2019- Uncategorized- techadmin

People love fresh content. You can’t achieve that if you are confined in the same sequences of video marketing—you’ve got to tell your own story. Now, what if we are about to apply it to an event video?

It seems tricky, but knitting a successful story from strands of event highlights is possible—with the right team and some helpful guidelines. Before finalising your content, take note of these 5 keys in creating a story that matters and will be remembered.

  1. Find your objective – Every story has a purpose. If you aim on telling a story through your event video, the first thing you have to identify is “what result would you like to get from it?” Whether extended network, more followers, connecting with your audience, or all of the above—this objective will guide you throughout the production and affect your decisions on themes, shooting style, etc. and all will fall into its right place.
  2. Create a Storyboard – A filmmaker’s never lost when he’s got a storyboard at hand. Briefing and planning with your videographers beforehand, you can visualise and choose the exact frames you want to be seen in your event video to drive your story flow smoothly.
  3. Know your audience – Of course your target audience matters. As they will be the one watching your precious event video, you have to know their preferences or what sparks their interest so you can incorporate it with your storyline and the style of the video you are going to produce.
  4. Ask the right people – Interviewing attendees, speakers, and members of the organising team could add up more spice to your story. Find people with relevant additions to the event or who served as the highlight, and who knows—maybe you could get an interesting angle can add to your storyline from these group of people.
  5. Involve your brand – Your event video wouldn’t be complete without actually dropping a little of your brand’s essence. On the story side, you can incorporate a little bit of your vision/mission and company goals to create another interesting angle on the story. While you are at it, you can even apply your brands color palette on your video to uphold your identity. Through this, you’ll have a greater storyline and your brand will definitely come off more remarkable to your audience.

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