5 P’s of Filming an Awesome Travel Video

October 13, 2019- Uncategorized- techadmin

“Picture or it never happened,” they say. But why just take snapshots of your fun-filled adventures when you can relive it with awesome videos you can enjoy over and over?

2018 has arrived and now’s the perfect time to go visit new places. Traveling is one of the most exciting experiences in our lives. It allows us to learn different cultures, meet different people, and see breathtaking places that are either man-made or nature’s creation.

Whether you are using your dslr cameras or handy phone cameras, shooting your very own travel video is easy peasy. Grab your bags and get your videos rolling with these 5 simple tips on travel video blogging.

1. Plan

No matter how convenient it is to get the equipment to film your video, when it comes to its content, prepping up several details might help your video achieve solid engagement. Start with having an itinerary so you’ll have an overview and ideas on what beautiful shots to show. You can also prepare a script or a simple outline on what you are going to say so no trivia will be left unsaid.

2. Practice

Once you have prepared your cameras, tools, and content guide, now’s the time to practice your script! Not only will it save you some shooting time, but it will also give you the confidence or project whatever character or mood you want to show to your viewers effectively.

3. Personalize

If you have been walking and observing for a while now in the vlogosphere, every vlogger has their own ways or characteristics that audiences see in each of their vlog. May it be your editing style, a signature shot, or even a funky vlog trait, make sure to add a dose of “You” in your travel video so it will be more personal and remarkable at the same time.

4. Polish

Shooting travel videos sure is fun but what’s even more fun is when it’s time to put it all to pieces and create your masterpiece. Select your best clips and find the coolest music you can find to complete your video. From transitions, to editing out your shots—do not be afraid to do it as long as it feels right for you.

5. Promote

Once you have finished polishing your travel video, you’re good to go! Share the wonders of the places you have visited to the world, upload it to your social media accounts and who knows, you might inspire others to create their own video too.

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