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Top 5 Videos every Hotel, Venue, and Restaurant need

Top 5 Videos every Hotel, Venue, and Restaurant need

Everybody loves leisure and videos. But leisure, captured in a video? That’s a sure click you’ll get in a speed of a lightning—probably.

As much as we love getting these “clicks” as it validates that people are interested with our business, these clicks actually have a high possibility of being converted into actual sales, as what we have learned from the sales funnel. If you have decided to enter the video marketing strategy and need a head start, here are 5 great ideas you can use for your hotel, venue, or restaurant’s video content.

Video tour – There are numerous video styles but when you are in doubt, you could never go wrong with the good ‘ol classic—a simple video tour. Still one of the most effective videos you can make for your business, showcase your hotel or restaurant facilities in one inviting video. If you want to make a good impression by highlighting your hotel or restaurants’ best assets, this video is a great starter.

Message from the main man – Speaking of being inviting, another video that is perfect for the hospitality industry is a personal video greeting by the owner or manager. A short, professional, and welcoming message from the big bosses is somehow making the customers feel like a VIP and who doesn’t love that?

Creative story – When art meets business, get your creative juices flowing to create one remarkable video (that could even pass as a film) while dropping a subtle hint of inviting the viewers to go check out your business. Brainstorm ideas and include relatable feels to create a wonderful story that viewers will remember your brand for.

Ambassadors – It’s the age of powerful social media ambassadors so why not take advantage of it. Whether in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, find the right ambassador you can partner with to feature your hotel and restaurant in their channels. With a successful partnership, this will lead to an improvement on popularity and your business’ reach that could convert to better sales.

Customer reviews – Getting five star reviews on Facebook is a big deal—not to mention, fulfilling. Why not share the good news with your audience through a video? With that, more people will get intrigued about the food or service and will try to see for themselves. Whether you’ll have it through testimonial interviews or other way, don’t be afraid to get creative with presenting your customer satisfaction ratings in video.

How you can add story on your Real Estate Videos in 3 ways

How you can add story on your Real Estate Videos in 3 ways

Typical real estate videos are all about visual tours, highlights, and the environment. Yes—these kinds of video will definitely get you in the game but if you want to take real estate videos to the next level, this is where having a good story sets you apart from others.

Incorporating stories on videos has a lot of good points. Two of the most important points are 1.) You get to establish a connection with your audience (especially if it is relatable) and 2.) people will remember your brand. Of course, you want to be remembered by people as the brand with that moving story, wouldn’t you? With the help of a good video production team, here are 3 ways you can do to create a real estate video with an impact.

Introduce your community
You can have an infographic video about real estate, or a video highlight of your model houses and people will pay attention to it—but not as deeply as they will when it’s a human interest story.

Surely, your community houses a lot of interesting people. May it be a big family, small family, the children, couples, independent individuals, friends,or even your happy community as a whole—you can never go wrong featuring your people as everyone has a good story to tell, just waiting to be told.

Evoke emotions
Featuring people could be really interesting but adding adding a heart to your video can make another special story. Yes—you can create a new story simply by incorporating our most relatable feelings in one video. For some great idea sparkers, you can brainstorm with your team on what emotion do you want to prevail in your video? If you want a momentous celebration, a feeling of being “home,” love, or something sentimental?

Get personal
It is about time you step outside the box and dig deeper. Most of the time, we focus too much on showing idealistic storylines that look good for real estate businesses only to find out that relatable, true-to-life experiences of people actually make a precious story. So if you want a different take on your real estate video, better prepare your pen, paper, and recorder and do some interviewing and researching. It’s time to put the “real” in real estate.

4 Videos every Real Estate business must have

4 Videos every Real Estate business must have

In the real estate business, selling could be more challenging as you don’t just simply put a presentation in front of people and convince them to go get a lifetime investment. For most people, buying their own properties or house is the top priority investment they are working hard for and some sure buyers just lurk around, waiting for the perfect deal. As a real estate business, we know you can help these people out but how will they be able to know you the easiest and most remarkable way?

The good news is you can now also tap those who might need you through video marketing. Below, we listed four different and effective approaches you can use to attract the right investors and introduce them the goodness of your real estate business easily—and remarkably.

Introduction – Nobody trusts a stranger. With a serious investment like real estate, buyers want a trustworthy real estate agent that could help them buy their dream property. An introduction video is your chance to introduce your business and give a good impression to your target audience. You will be able to establish who you are and show that you can be trusted. The introduction video is the perfect video to break free from all the technicalities and formality so go crazy with those ideas.

Testimonials – When other people attests to how good a product or service is, it plays a huge influence on other buyers to try it as well. As investing in a house is a great and lifelong deal, guarantee your real estate business’ credibility by showing testimonies from homeowners that proves how happy and satisfied they are to have chosen you.

Neighborhood tour – For home hunters, having a sneak peek of the neighborhood they are going to settle in is a plus factor. Especially if when it comes to raising kids, people would love to see security and peace in a place they are going to live in. Shoot an attractive neighborhood tour video and introduce your community for the buyers’ assurance.

Home tour – The usual yet definitely one of the attractive videos that will spark interests of buyers is a detailed and carefully shot video highlight of your model houses. From your houses’ architectural designs to its other awesome and unique features, help buyers choose the most appropriate abode for them.

3 reasons why Video Marketing rules in 2018

3 reasons why Video Marketing rules in 2018

Imagine a day without watching a hilarious video, your favorite artist’s music video, or a simple clip of anything under the sun: Boring and unreal. Today, there’s no way you can escape the magic of videos. That parody you’ve been laughing at, that new music video you’ve been dancing to, that video ad within a video—it’s a whole videoception.

The year 2018 surprised us with lots of cool trends. Also, it’s the year video marketing has peaked in the marketing game. Almost every business has their own video contents launched and it’s never ending—as you are reading this material, some people somewhere are even rolling their cameras to shoot one. Truly enough, brands have realized how important videos are when it comes to marketing and its not too late to know about it.

A matter of numbers
Numbers don’t lie. If you haven’t read it yet, statistics all around video marketing are scattered all over the web, convincing people how effective it is for their businesses.

First on the list and probably the highest concern is the return of investment (ROI). According to the Aberdeen Group, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year and 54% increase in brand awareness with the help of videos. Meanwhile, 73% people are reportedly to have purchased a product after watching a video. Well, that’s not surprising at all as 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices hence, the chances of purchase is indeed high. We could go all day about this but the point is, these statistics (not including a whole lot more) validate how powerful videos can be.

Building bridges
As a consumer yourself, you must enjoy certain clips or channels according to your taste. That’s what videos do: It gathers an audience and engages them successfully. An output without an audience becomes useless, but with videos, there’s always a group of people that could connect with you and like what you present—you just have to make the right video marketing strategy.

The shift
Digital media is conquering the world. Endless app updates, new sites and gimmicks, and cool tech innovations—our world has been digitalized for our sake and the audience you’ve been aiming to target are all shifting to this side. Exhibit A: 79% of consumers prefer watching videos over reading a product, according to Wyzowl. Exhibit B: People spend more time in their mobile phones and computers now—we don’t even need data to prove that. Indeed, video is convenient and it is everywhere.

3 ways Video Marketing increases your sales lead

3 ways Video Marketing increases your sales lead

Marketing is becoming more and more competitive. Thanks to videos, the competition never gets boring and just keeps getting better.

Since businesses thrive differently, some brands depend on basic marketing strategy while others find their footing with a unique video marketing content. The latter, being the most convenient and great way to present your brand style-wise, has been proven to increase sales lead by marketers. Whatever business you have, look into how video marketing effectively gathers up the audience for you in no time.

Video is everywhere – The digital age provided a habitat for videos. Just as you eat your breakfast and want to check on the news, you go watch snippets of reports online. When you are having a dress dilemma and needs a solution ASAP, a 5-minute fashion tip is just sitting around the corner, waiting to get clicked. True story, right? With videos playing an integral part in every person’s life, gathering sales lead through video marketing has been proven effective—thanks to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms’ gift of exposure.

Video has greater appeal – There are lots of ways you can present your brand through video. Whether you use full-on animation or prefer a classic shoot, people will check it out as we just love watching and sharing videos. In fact, 85% of people have said they would love to see more videos from brands this year, according to Wyzowl. Aside from video ads, other videos that appeals to the mass and improves sales lead are vlogs, interviews, product demonstrations, and testimonials.

Video provides convenience – Do you want to learn a new skill or DIY hacks to save your life? Just google it out and tutorial videos will be served right in front of you. How about if you need a quick getaway or idea for your next trip but is clueless on where to go? Travel videos are there to save the day. With videos allowing you to just sit and relax while digesting the information or enjoying the entertainment it entails, people will always go back to enjoy this convenience and before you know it, they have already become one of your loyal followers.


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