Taking your business forward with digital marketing

Digital marketing can be overwhelming with so many different channels and methods of getting new customers through online marketing.

We understand that small businesses need a smart, effective and budget-friendly solution. At Greater Visuals, our marketing lead Michelle can assist you with ongoing marketing support and advise the best marketing channel for your business.

Please see below our basic packages and we are offering special pricing that ends on the 30th of June 2020.

Social Media Foundations

Increase Brand Awareness

Weekly Facebook Post

Weekly post on Google My Business

Royalty-free images

6-Month Term

Social Media Accelerator

Boost Engagement & Increase Visibility

Weekly Facebook Posts

Monthly Video

Monthly Graphic Design

Fortnightly images

Facebook advertising

Ad Spend is an additional charge, paid by client

Improved Profile on Google My Business

Weekly Posts on Google My Business

6-Month Term

Instagram Marketing Program

Build an Audience & Engage

Weekly Instagram Posts

Two Posts per Week

Targeted Caption Creation

Rich Hashtags

High Quality Images

Inspiration Quote Creation

Monitoring Comments & Messages

Strategic Following & Engagement

Instagram Advertising

Ad Spend is an additional charge, paid by client

3-Month Term

Digital Growth Program

Increase Website Traffic

Keyword Research

Monthly Blog Article

Branded Email Marketing Template

Monthly Email Distribution

Monthly Reporting

6-Month Term

Lead Generation Program

Improve Customer Acquisition

Keyword Research

Set up of Google Search Campaigns

Set up of Facebook Remarketing Ads

Monitoring & Improving Ads

Monthly Reporting

Ad Spend is an additional charge, paid by client

6-Month Term

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