Choose the right video partner to capture your event

Take advantage of the power of video and use it to drive engagement, awareness and sales for your future events.

Why should you capture your next event:

  • Allow a larger audience to view the event
  • Capture micro content to strengthen your digital presence
  • Attract sponsors and potential clients

Our process

  • 1. Planning and setup – we work alongside your events and marketing team
  • 2. Production – we arrive and setup on time to ensure filming runs smoothly
  • 3. Editing and fast delivery – Speed with quality is our priority

Greater Visuals: Events and Conferences

Covering events and conferences is our speciality. Our experience means that we not only get the best shots to highlight your event but also maximise each piece of content. Get in touch today!

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Showcase your event and capture valuable insights using

  • Event Highlights (Pre and post event)
  • Vox Pop Interviews
  • Full Speech Recording
  • Sponsor Highlights

Our recent work:

Macquarie University

Western Sydney University


Accor Hotels