How to effectively use Video Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

October 13, 2019- Uncategorized- techadmin

#Foodporn, #staycation, #wanderlusting and the list goes on.

Can you imagine the modern world without these hashtags, particularly when going out to relax? Well, as leisure activities have become cooler and more accessible for everybody, the hospitality industry has boomed and people have been travelling and dining out more than ever.

One of the culprits of people’s travelling obsession is videos. Promotional videos by companies and vloggers scatter all over social media, making it more enticing to check out these cool places and services. While doing a video like that for your business is easy nowadays, standing out among the competition is a different story. To make sure your video marketing strategy will be fruitful, learn these four tips you could use on your next video.

Pump up the visual experience
People feed off edgy visuals. The fiercer and stronger it looks, the more chance they will pay attention to your video. If you are more on the travel side, chase the action with your video—literally—and shoot the fun activities like surfing, hiking, and more. On the other hand, if you are going to feature hotels and restaurants, creative shots and impressive colour grading are solid attention-grabbers. Just imagine a scrumptious meal shot in a perfect angle, popped in warm, rich colours. Now who would not want to get a taste of that?

Highlight the cool stuff
Do you have something unique to offer or is there anything popular among your services? Let the viewers know through your video and make sure to highlight it. A vacation does not last a year so tourists will definitely choose something that is unconventional and worthy of their precious time.

Show your employees
How you welcome your audience inside your doors could make a huge influence on your viewers decision if they are going to choose your service or not. Show a glimpse of your excellent service through your employees’ smile, polite gestures, and nice treatment—this will definitely give your audience the assurance that you value them so much.

Smile and satisfaction
Like how reading reviews online influences guests on the credibility of your service, showing it in your video also does the charm. Include clips of genuine smiles and positive reactions of your guests in your video to show your audience that people really do enjoy your service and they might as well try it. After all, the hospitality industry is about customer satisfaction.

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