How Video Marketing Helps Your Hotel Go Fully Booked

October 13, 2019- Uncategorized- techadmin

Aside from the internet, the second thing our generation loves is travelling. In fact, the number of travellers grow more and more before you can even say “Do it for the gram.”

Now, as these tourists fly to different parts of the world to seek some action, a vital part of travelling involves a cozy place to relax after an exhausting adventure. While you can just easily search for hotel accommodations, here are 5 reasons why video is the game changer you never thought you needed when it comes to marketing your hotel.

Everybody loves videos
People spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter on a daily basis. If you launch a video ad about your hotel, people will immediately get interested and watch it especially if it is creatively done.

Make a highlight of your best features
What separates your hotel from the rest? Well, with video marketing, you will be able to showcase cool features of your hotel. and better yet, exclusive only in your hotel.

A chance to offer more service
Gone are the days where a hotel is “just a place for staycation.” Attract more guests for your hotel by showing amenities like gym, spa and more. Introduce your conference rooms and ballrooms as well to show how versatile your place can be for their needs.

The power of the ‘funnel’
A video marketing strategy definitely improves your sales growth through a sales funnel. Learn about how awareness, sales lead, and conversion will definitely help your hotel in the biz here.

Free virtual pass
Who doesn’t want free access to hotels? Surely, people would want to sneak a peek into a hotel once in a while and you could give this opportunity for them for free—only in this case, you are giving it virtually through a hotel video. Not only it will serve as a warm, stunning welcome for the viewers but also it will entice the viewers to immediately click on that reservation button to see and lavish on the grandiosity of your hotel, first-hand.

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