How you can add story on your Real Estate Videos in 3 ways

October 13, 2019- Uncategorized- techadmin

Typical real estate videos are all about visual tours, highlights, and the environment. Yes—these kinds of video will definitely get you in the game but if you want to take real estate videos to the next level, this is where having a good story sets you apart from others.

Incorporating stories on videos has a lot of good points. Two of the most important points are 1.) You get to establish a connection with your audience (especially if it is relatable) and 2.) people will remember your brand. Of course, you want to be remembered by people as the brand with that moving story, wouldn’t you? With the help of a good video production team, here are 3 ways you can do to create a real estate video with an impact.

Introduce your community
You can have an infographic video about real estate, or a video highlight of your model houses and people will pay attention to it—but not as deeply as they will when it’s a human interest story.

Surely, your community houses a lot of interesting people. May it be a big family, small family, the children, couples, independent individuals, friends,or even your happy community as a whole—you can never go wrong featuring your people as everyone has a good story to tell, just waiting to be told.

Evoke emotions
Featuring people could be really interesting but adding adding a heart to your video can make another special story. Yes—you can create a new story simply by incorporating our most relatable feelings in one video. For some great idea sparkers, you can brainstorm with your team on what emotion do you want to prevail in your video? If you want a momentous celebration, a feeling of being “home,” love, or something sentimental?

Get personal
It is about time you step outside the box and dig deeper. Most of the time, we focus too much on showing idealistic storylines that look good for real estate businesses only to find out that relatable, true-to-life experiences of people actually make a precious story. So if you want a different take on your real estate video, better prepare your pen, paper, and recorder and do some interviewing and researching. It’s time to put the “real” in real estate.

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