Increase your sales fast with an effective Video Marketing Strategy

October 13, 2019- Uncategorized- techadmin

Have you ever gone watching YouTube videos without getting interrupted by an unskippable ad? How about scrolling past clever video ads in Facebook that pops out more often than you asked for? Well, if it hasn’t sunk in you yet, we are being force-fed with a tremendous amount of video ads on a daily basis. This proves how powerful videos are that 93 percent of marketers use this tactic on media platforms.

Adding fuel to this inextinguishable fire, says a person will spend an average of 36 minutes watching online video ads per day as 2018 progresses. As more and more businesses dive into the video marketing strategy, let’s take a look at what the fuss is about and how this simplified 3-part sales funnel in a video marketing strategy brings massive growth on your business sales.

1. Information

Everyone could use a break from nonsensical videos from time to time that’s why people get intrigued when they see informative videos with unique style. Video marketing allows you to raise awareness about your new product or service and how it will solve their needs.Once you have decided to push through your marketing video, make sure you will deliver out a clear, informative message for the viewers to ace this first part.

2. Gathering Sales Lead

Once the right information is out in the open, attracting the right customers will follow. Launching an interesting video will allow you to gather sales lead by tracking your engaged viewers who really need your business. Know their ages, gender, and other vital information you can gather from them and keep in touch through newsletters or other forms of communication to help you gain their loyalty and strike a bigger targeting in the future too.

3. Conversion

The last stage in this funnel is finally ‘converting’ your sales lead into actual sales. This part could be really tricky as you really have to convince your audience why you can solve their problems easily. With the perfect amount of effort, information, and execution, make sure your marketing video leaves a huge impact on your audience as this will be the key to your sales growth and, who knows, loyal customers.


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