Start Your Vlog with These 5 simple Tips

October 13, 2019- Uncategorized- techadmin

Nowadays, the question between “what’s your favorite TV channel” has shifted to “who’s your favorite vlogger?” and “what’s your favorite YouTube channel?” In fact, a certain vlogger might just have crossed in your mind right now after reading those questions.

Another fact is, vlogging is prevalent these days you might even have imagined yourself vlogging. The case is, something’s holding you back that’s why you haven’t started out your own channel yet. But whatever your reason is, here’s some good news: vlogging awaits in the corner.

In vlogging, you don’t need to have the most expensive cameras or a big budget to get started. May it be beauty, food, travel, or others, these five handy tips will shrug off the jitters so get your gears ready and launch your vlogging career right away.

1. Choose your topic

The world is an ocean full of interesting topics to choose from. A debut blog may be pretty challenging because you want to make a good impression but as hard as it is to draw on a blank canvass, get started by narrowing down your interests or looking out on different inspirations from other bloggers. Through that, you might decide what’s the right first vlog topic for you and create something fun and informative out of it.

2. Learn to shoot and edit

Being a vlogger means you’ll be dealing with lots of filming and editing. While it’s not a requirement to have a degree in filmmaking or multimedia arts, you might as well learn the basics of shooting and editing so you, yourself, can make quality videos even just with your phone cameras and laptops.

3. Find your platform

Choosing where you will put up your vlogs is a life-death situation as it will literally determine your vlog’s success. YouTube and Facebook has been a pretty popular nest for vloggers for quite some time now because 1.) it offers great exposure and 2.) it is accessible. However, other platforms such as vimeo, Instagram, or even having your own wordpress site could be your choice too—it’s just a matter of choosing what you feel is the right home for you.

4. Talk to your audience

Since the purpose of vlogging is to talk to an audience, extend it to a greater level by interacting with them more frequently. As a newbie in the vlogosphere, your audience will engage to you more when you initiate conversations, reply to their comments, suggestions, and questions. Not only will this help you gain a strong support from your viewers but also you will become more confident.

5. Promote

Vloggers don’t instantly start up in the biz with a booming million followers already. If you wish to start your own vlog, don’t be too shy to promote it across all your social media platforms or even through word of mouth. You’ll be able to interact with interesting people, come up with new topics, and even collaborate with other vloggers where you can learn and share more knowledge with each other.

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