2022 Video Content Trends to Watch Out For

November 9, 2021- Uncategorized- Orville

2022 video trends

More than the hype, using video tools and online sites is a practical move that could benefit your business in 2022 and beyond. Most consumers would like to learn about a company, new product, or service by way of videos. By understanding and embracing the relevance of 2022 video trends, you can communicate your brand message effectively by incorporating it to your campaigns, and even your daily operations.

Plus, with video apps and social platforms widely available, you can create higher production value with time and practice. There are free or paid selection of filters, video and sound effects, and presets or templates that you can use. These easy-to-navigate features make it possible even for people who don’t consider themselves techy or creative to produce amazing videos.

Time to spice it up as we listed some of the 2022 video trends that you can try soon.

Soundless videos

If you are the type who gets annoyed with random sounds when scrolling Facebook then you’d probably appreciate soundless or silent videos. Some Facebook users find it intrusive and adjust the settings for a no sound autoplay. Most marketers understand this and maximise soundless or silent social media videos. It’s the most sensible thing to do. According to publishers, almost 85% of short videos viewed on Facebook are watched without sound.

It is also inclusive because those hard of hearing can understand your content better.

Content creators just have to execute them well for videos to be understood even without sound. To provide more information, these videos need better context, captions, and animations.

video stats

Source: Kyle Byers

Short form video stories

Early adoption of short form video stories is important. Online platforms are becoming video first. Think TikTok. Due to its success and popularity, Facebook Inc. (now Meta) and YouTube launched Reels and Shorts respectively to be able to compete and address the growing demand. Your page will rank better if you create these algorithm-friendly contents.

Live video selling

E-commerce became more disrupted with the rise of real-time buying and selling. From fast moving consumer goods to big ticket items like cars and houses, we have seen entrepreneurs maximising online selling this pandemic. It only goes forward from here. Companies are developing more technologies for secure payments, logistics, and seamless transactions.

According to news.com.au, ‘Aussies spent a record $50 billion on online shopping last year. Victorians taking out the title for the most prolific spenders as they endured months of lockdowns’. In a report from Australia Post, 9 million or 82% of all Australian households shopped online.

video and buying cycle

A couple of things to consider

Prioritise vertical format when deciding on your video layout. Vertical format is optimised in most devices and online platforms, and preferred by viewers. It will save you time resizing and revising. As mentioned above, captioned videos are important especially for Facebook’s autoplay function. It is better to add subtitles regardless of platform. Your goal is to get your message across even without audio. You must take control of the subtitle so you are sure of its accuracy even if the platforms offer auto captioning like YouTube.

We will never know what tomorrow brings. By reading the trends and applying its relevant principles to your business, you can become more agile. As you welcome 2022, we hope that the changes that come with it will inspire you to adapt and steer you to favourable circumstances.

If you need any assistance in maximising these 2022 video trends that your audience can watch for a richer and more engaging experience, feel free to give us a call.

Happy recording!

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