4Cs of 21st Century Skills: Application Through Online Learning

May 13, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

You might have already stumbled upon the 4Cs of 21st century skills on the internet. Or, from your friend fresh out of his MBA class. But, what are these 4Cs, really? And how can we incorporate them into our online learning modules?

4Cs of 21st century skills have been making rounds on the internet for quite some time now. But most educators have yet to teach these skills through online learning. The education sector continues to make great strides, and yet there are essential learning tools that we can still offer. With the 4Cs, the next generation is better geared up with adequate and updated knowledge.

And what’s the great platform where you can effectively apply the philosophies of Collaboration, Creativity, Critical thinking, and Communication (4Cs), but online learning.


Students staring blankly on their computer screens is one of online teaching nightmares. Stimulate and squeeze your students’ creative juices by providing examples of feats achieved through out-of-the-box thinking. This may include presenting a problem where there are no right or wrong answer, but encourages them to think creatively.

Critical thinking

The benefits of being a student are having the time, platform, and guidance when solving problems. One of the crucial questions you can ask yourself during your online classes is, “Will this make my students think deeper and wider?” Encouraging your students to think give them mental stamina, empowering them to come up with viable solutions.


Skills get better with time, patience, and practice. Identify your students’ communication and learning style and prepare activities to encourage them to share their ideas more. Online learning is also an efficient platform for the reserved ones. This is the best place where they can practice coming out of their shells and speaking their minds, providing them with the skills to do the same offline.


In online learning, students can fall into the trap of thinking that they are learning alone. Ensure that your online learning classes provide opportunity for them to work in teams in real world projects.

Teaching Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication and Creativity cultivates the future 21st century workers of Australia to be leaders, role models, and self-starters. Before you can dive deeper in applying these philosophies in your online learning modules, it may help to assess your curriculum first to know how to make the four Cs work together.

Together, let’s help cultivate 21st century skills through your online learning programs! E-mail us at video@greatervisuals.com today.

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