3 Benefits of Livestreaming Elective Classes

July 13, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

Aside from preparing your e-learning or online learning modules to adapt to your college or university’s new normal, there are things that you can also do for your elective classes to make it worth attending to. If elective classes are not part of your college or university’s offering yet, it might help your school or university to start now to fill more knowledge gaps.

When offering elective classes, it is very important to set students’ expectations and list questions you might encounter. Will they get a certificate after completing the program? How many units or how long will it take for them to finish it? Is the program recognized by the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment?

Polishing your elective classes and modifying its delivery like using livestreaming, can help your college or university in a lot of ways. Here are 3 of them:

  1. Provides insight
    Livestreaming your elective classes provides insights both for the school and the students. Elective classes can help students discover and focus on what they are really interested in if they are not sure which degree or major they would like to take yet. Elective classes can help your school improve its course offerings because it gives you an idea about the new courses you can offer to fulfill industry and students’ demands. With livestreaming, everyone can have instant feedback that will greatly support them in their different endeavors.
  1. Attracts more school enrolees
    Using new technology like livestreaming in improving teaching capacity attracts more enrolees because a lot of values are communicated in the process. Being present and helpful online shows that your school is technology-savvy and adaptable to move with the times. If parents or guardians see that their children can be supported in a lot of ways, like having access to elective classes livestreaming, they will also support your school even more.
  1. Promotes inclusivity
    Since elective classes teach practical skills, it will be helpful to also make it available outside of your regular enrolees for those who cannot access regular classes yet. Depending on the number of enrolees, you can even offer it in different shifts including night classes. It can help stay-at-home mothers who like to further their education, office workers who would like to get better in their careers, anyone who would like to take advantage of an upskill through your elective programs.

Help more students gain knowledge through your elective classes, and reach more of them through livestreaming. Feel free to share with us your thoughts, and as always, happy recording!

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