3 Ways to Maximize Students Learning Experience

June 5, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

3 Ways to Maximize Students’ Experience when studying with elearning videos.

To help students stay sharp while staying home, continuing their education online using elearning video is becoming the new norm. But, how can educators create high-impact learning and provide value?

Now that schools in some regions of Australia like New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland are transitioning to online learning next term, teachers also need to adapt and gather all the help they could get to keep their online classroom up and running.

Video is an immersive learning tool for sustaining the delivery of knowledge and skills when it comes to distance learning, but it still up to the teachers to decide how they can make it engaging and stimulating as possible.

Here are the top 3 ways to maximise the learning experience when studying with elearning videos

  1. Convert any space into a classroom

From the four corners of their classroom, students are now studying at the comfort of their own homes. While others find it limiting, it is an opportunity to convert any space into a classroom. As long as the internet connection is good you can even setup an outdoor classroom setup!

You can use the dining room, garage, living room, attic, bedroom – loosen up and invite students to setup their learning corner for the duration of your class anywhere they see fit. You can even create a game out of it. For example, on Day 1 you can all convert your kitchen as your online classroom (Just go easy on the snacks!)

  1. Inject fun and creativityOnline learning gives a certain level of freedom and autonomy to students. While teachers are still required to impose house rules, online learning provides lots of opportunities to inject fun and creativity during discussions. Teachers and students may have the option to share their screens, or explore online whiteboard like Google’s Jamboard. Assigning home projects also help them improve their craft.
  2. Encourage sharing

Online learning is more than distance learning, it is community learning. This is a great time to develop resiliency, discipline, and the power of storytelling among students. Remind them that they might be in isolation, but they are not alone.

One of the challenges a teacher may have during an online class is having a lot of pauses and lack of active participation. Preparation is the key. Before the start of your online class, create a list of learning objectives and a set of questions that you can throw around during class. When you encourage sharing of information and ideas, you help develop a generation of storytellers. For ideas to be contagious and life-changing, it must be sharable first.

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