Why Your Business Needs A Brand Video

March 20, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

Video has become one of the most profitable and versatile tools in the field of digital marketing today. Whichever industry you might be in, having a brand video is essential. An impressive brand video will not only convey your message, it will let your potential customers know that you are the ultimate solution provider they are looking for.

Why Need A Brand Video?

There are many reasons why you need one for your business. But we have tried to list some of the salient points for you to go through:

Video increases your reach

Video is the most shared content type on several social media platforms. Obviously, the more share or engagement there is, the farther your brand reach will be. And, if the brand video you have posted on your sites is useful and relevant, the chances for it to be shared will be even greater. Your reach will continue to expand as your audience continues to share your content which they find valuable. Your reach to potential customers is more likely to multiply over and over again with the use of a brand video.

Video increases trust

Trust is the most important factor that increases the chances for your potential customers to purchase from you. And, this trust can be established by showing your business and its offerings genuinely in the form of a video. When your potential customers see a brand video representing your business, they can easily relate to your offerings or what you stand for.

The experience with video is more passive

Compared with reading, the experience that your audience gets with video is more passive. It simply means that through a video, it’s easier for them to grasp the information or message you are trying to convey. That’s because the content in video form is processed faster by human brains than that in the form of text.

A brand video creates authentic and true interaction

With the use of a brand video, it becomes possible for you to bring your brand to life. It has never been possible with the use of text content. When your audience comes across a video of your brand, they get to have an authentic and true interaction with it. Your content in video format can get more real-time responses or feedback from the audience or potential customers.

You can post it on your website and improve SEO

Search engines like Google consider video content (added to the text) more relevant and informative than a plain text. And nowadays, Google’s algorithms are smart enough to promote more informative and relevant content by ranking it higher than less informative content in the search results. Hence, if your business website also displays your brand video, it will improve the site’s SEO (search engine optimisation) and help it to rank accordingly. Apart from offering a better rank in search results, video content also offers a good user experience to the visitors on your website and engage them more. In addition, it also helps your business reputation if your videos are professionally done.

It increases conversions and sales

From the points mentioned above, it is quite clear that videos are highly engaging for your audience. The more engagement there is, the higher the conversion rate will be. In other words, more leads will get converted into sales, if you have a brand video on your landing page. That’s because video delivers the message or information in a more interesting manner. Ultimately, it will positively impact the sales figures and help your business grow faster.

A video can add a personality to a brand

When it comes to company branding, video can do the job in the most effective way. There is no doubt that a picture is always worth a thousand words. So, just imagine what a brand video could do. Consider it as your corporate introduction. A handshake if you will. A great marketing tool that can help you easily stand out among your competition.

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