Why High Quality Elearning Videos Are Good Business Investment

June 5, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

Thinking of a good investment in 2020 might be contradictory as most business owners are losing sleep, thinking of ways just to stay afloat in this challenging time. But, what most business owners tend to overlook is that through elearning videos, a lot of their business objectives can be met. With extra cash and an entrepreneurial spirit, you start monetizing elearning videos despite of the crisis.

What makes investing in elearning videos plausible is that with or without pandemic, digitizing your business knowledge and best practices offers a lot of benefits. Backing up your processes and creating online catalogues give your business a fighting chance to be competitive even during crisis.

So, what makes high quality elearning videos a good business investment? Currently, social distancing and isolation make a lot of people hungry for content. Also, sharing what they learned is a way for some to connect. At the home front, elearning videos are in huge demand right now as teachers and parents are in the lookout for educational content to keep kids both occupied and educated.

Three-pronged approach

Investing in high quality elearning videos is a three-pronged approach because investing in it means investing in time, relationship, and knowledge.

  1. Time:

Elearning videos create more of your most valuable resource: time. By creating elearning videos of your repetitive processes like new employee orientation program, you save hundreds of man-hours.

  1. Relationships

By creating elearning videos, business owners and executives achieve sharper focus because of the new insights gathered. By asking each department to condense into elearning videos their daily processes and best practices, communicating it with different departments becomes smoother. Sometimes, conflicts arise because other departments are unaware of the unique value that other departments contribute to the whole organization. By giving everyone a chance to showcase what they do best, businesses forge stronger working relationships and create a harmonious working environment.

  1. Knowledge

Finally, elearning videos are educational in nature. Which is why, it fills people’s need for knowledge and continuous growth. According to surveys, employees rank “continuous development” high in their career needs. By providing elearning videos to further their career in your organization, you are communicating that you care for your people – one way to boost your talent retention rate for sure.

Knowledge empowers people and gives them a sense of pride, and this is just one of the reasons why investing in high quality elearning videos is a great thing that you can do for your business today.

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