3 Reasons Why You Should Livestream A Campus Tour

July 13, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

If you already received great responses just by posting 360o panorama shots of your campus on your website and official social media accounts, imagine what the power of live video could do. Since it may take a while for students to attend physical classes because of the current pandemic, a livestreaming of campus tour can help them navigate their new surroundings when they are finally allowed on campus.

Showcasing what your school or university is like while the camera is rolling provides great experience to a lot of stakeholders. Here are some of them:

  1. Help new students and transferees feel welcome

Being in a new environment puts a lot of people under stress. By giving new students and transferees a virtual tour, you can help ease their anxieties because they will already have an idea about what to expect. Highlight your school heritage to cultivate a sense of pride among new students, and share some funny anecdotes to lighten the mood and make them feel welcome.

  1. Promote your facilities

Parents and guardians can have more peace of mind if they are assured that their children’s school have great safety and security features. Remember to include a virtual tour to the guard posts, school clinic, and corridors. By showcasing your modern facilities, you assure them that they made a good decision in choosing your school or university.

  1. Reengage your alumni

Take your alumni to a trip down the memory lane through your campus tour livestream. Even if they already graduated from your school, you must always consider your alumni as important stakeholders because they can influence their kids, relatives, and friends to enrol in the same school they went to.

So, there you have it! Tell us how you like the idea of livestreaming a campus tour at your school or university today, but for now, happy recording!

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