3 Basic Skills You Need to Create Your Own Elearning Videos

June 5, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

Videos have the power to translate the ideas you hold in your head into a format that allows you to share it with the world. Having your ideas heard is great, and it’s even greater when you can influence people through a valuable piece of content.

But before you go all out, keep in mind the 3 basic skills to set the stage in creating impactful elearning videos:

  1. Presentation skills

    The way you manage and deliver your content, from your communication style to handling questions revolves and relies heavily on your presentation skills. Plan how you will present your ideas. Devote time on research. Will you add text to your videos, create subtitles, or use online whiteboard? Or, will you fare better with a traditional whiteboard and flipcharts? Will you need presentation charts, demos, spreadsheets, or models?

Anticipating these needs and having them available can help you design your presentation smoothly and make your elearning videos look organized and professional.

  1. Basic video or photo editing skillsVideo editing is basically putting one shot after another to create a cohesive story. Knowing how to put it in an orderly fashion by adding effects, inserting stills, text elements, and improving the lighting improves your storytelling. If you can’t invest on software yet, you can tinker with all the features of your smartphone’s photo and video applications first. You can also make the most of free trials, or download free apps and software like Filmora, iMovie, and Lightworks. Analyse the pros and cons before investing on software that suits your needs and budget.
  2. Teaching skills

You are looking for ways on how you can improve the way you share your knowledge, and it’s your passion for teaching that led you to this content. Knowing what kind of teacher you are can also give you clues when thinking about the kind of elearning content you will produce. Studies show that there are four major types of teachers – idealist, practitioner, rationalist, and moderate. We encourage you to look it up if you haven’t yet, as identifying your type could help you maximize your strength, and work on your weak points.

There you have it – the 3 basic skills you need to build before diving deep into the more technical aspect of video production. Continuously building with what you have can take you places. We hope you find some quiet time to take an inventory of your skills, and as always, happy recording!

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