3 Ways to Avoid “Editor’s Block” When Creating Elearning Videos

June 5, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

In video production, getting all the angles and the lighting right is one thing, but actually producing it and coming up with the final cut is another story. You have probably experienced staring into control panels and browsers for hours on end, unable to make any progress. It’s a situation editors or video content producers are familiar with, just how do we move forward from this rut?
One thing is always present when you experience an “editor’s block”. It’s the lack of creative energy and clarity, which might be caused by too much mental clutter.
So, by streamlining your process in creating elearning videos, you’ll have a fighting chance against “editor’s block”. Here are 3 simple things that you can start doing or improving:

1. Create a shot list

Prepare ahead of the shoot with a shot list. A shot list is basic documentation of all the shots you need to capture for a particular content. Visualize how you’d like to see your final cut and list down all the shots that could make that happen. A shot list is your secret weapon to have everything on cue.

2. Use a clapperboard

You don’t want to view your footages all over again, when looking for a specific scene. This can be frustrating and could zap your energy. By using a common and simple device called the clapperboard, you would know exactly where to find the scene you’re looking for, helping you in synchronizing the photo and sound. This is more helpful when the audio and video are recorded separately. Simply clapping before each take will also do the job as this produce a spike in the audio wave. You can also save money by making a DIY video clapper.

3. Digital housekeeping

It’s neat when you can find exactly what you’re looking for at a glance! This is why using a consistent file structure when saving your files and projects can save your sanity. You can also use project management or collaboration tools like Trello, especially if you’re working with a team, so everyone is on the same page. Make sure that you have the same storage structure and file naming system so your files won’t be all over the place.
By removing all possible digital clutter and repetitive tasks, you can power through your projects, avoiding editor’s block.

Bonus tip: Always back up your important files in cloud like Dropbox or Google Drive. Keeping your files in 3 locations: your computer, external storage devices, and cloud, serves as an insurance. It will safeguard you from device crashes, theft, losing your equipment, calamities, and file corruption. Do this periodically as part of your digital housekeeping efforts.

Video editing can be time consuming and overwhelming if you don’t have a system in place. By keeping things in order, you can save yourself and your team the frustration from doing unnecessary do-overs.
We hope these tips can help you get more organized when producing your elearning videos, and as always, happy recording!

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