Using Video as a School Crisis Management Response

June 5, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

It is said that people, when faced with a problem, behave with different coping mechanisms. These coping mechanisms are attack, flee, avoid, neglect, and succumb. For example, when the school closes and you need to come up with learning alternatives, you can avoid it by passing the buck to other school staff, teachers, or public officials. You can flee it by resigning and deciding on a new line of work. You can neglect it by not beginning or moving forward, and become fatalistic with your “come what may” line of thinking. You can also succumb to the fear, and convince others why it will never work.

But, the best way a school can “attack” the problem at hand is to initiate their best possible crisis management response – online learning or eLearning – without compromising important protocols. And, how else can you come up with materials but by preparing high quality online learning or eLearning videos.

While public officials are still debating on whether the schools are returning next term, it is best if you already have something up your sleeve as we navigate the new normal. However, just like in any challenges, it raises issues like access and fund.

When using video as a school crisis management response, here are 2 key points:

  1. Making learning accessible

    With videos, learning becomes more accessible because of the flexibility of its delivery. To help those students without access to stable internet connection, teachers can prepare eLearning videos and just ship it to their students weekly or monthly. Since shipping might incur costs, the school can also have a designated place where parents or guardians can just pick up the video materials. If going full digital, the teacher can just upload it by batch, allowing students to access it just one time.
  2. Managing available fund

Some people also raised public school’s budget cuts, undermining their capability to transition to online learning next term. Looking at the big picture, institutions cannot deny that with the school closure, “they lose some, they save some”. The monies saved from visual aids, utilities, trainings, and other overhead can be actually reallocated to online learning or eLearning.

More than a way to mitigate the problem, this is also a chance for the schools and universities to showcase their resourcefulness and leadership in the education sector.


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