Promoting Your E-Commerce Livestream in 3 Phases

July 13, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

As companies maximize the power of video, new methods of shopping like livestreaming emerges. Livestreaming drives retail and e-commerce success because of its unique features like live chat. Even if you are a small to medium enterprise owner who just started your business, you can benefit from livestreaming events because this is your chance to build your solid customer base.

If you think it’s time for you to embed livestream contents on your e-commerce site to attract more customers, make sure to keep in mind 3 timebound and simple ways to promote your livestream.

Think in phases (before, during, and after) and mobilize all your other marketing channels to support your livestreaming event further.


Drum up excitement for your upcoming livestream events by posting details like schedule or guest host. Incorporate it on your social media content calendar, and assess if boosting teaser contents is aligned with your digital marketing strategy. Tweak the posts to send a coherent message across all existing social media platforms.

Also, if you are running search engine ads, you can create a campaign where customers can click a link to register to the livestreaming event.


If you are on Twitter, assign someone who can live tweet your livestream. Or, since you already know the content, you can already schedule the tweets just make sure to include the link. Consider doing the same for Facebook and Instagram to attract more viewers.

Remember your call-to-actions, and include your contact details, mode of payment, or referral codes.


What’s more exciting about livestreaming is you can turn a simple livestream content into a content cow! You can create infographics out of livestream event highlights like number of views, comments, new followers, purchases, revenues, dwell time, and other important analytics. You can even include this on your social media pages or newsletter, with anecdotes to make it more interesting.

We are excited to see your brand grow through your livestreaming platform soon, but for now, happy recording!

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