3 Ways to Promote Your Event Sponsors with Videos

October 13, 2019- Uncategorized- techadmin

Events are great tools in introducing your brand—it could also be a gateway to numerous partnerships a.k.a event sponsors. While this deal expands your network, thinking of a way how you could boost your sponsors’ exposure as well could come off a little challenging.

One way to give the favor back to your event sponsors is by giving them a solo spotlight. Or, a special video coverage as promotion. This will not only make them shine easily, but most importantly it could build your relationship as business partners stronger. Check out the 3 ways on how you could promote your event sponsors through video.


Talking personally to attendees for testimonial videos is a great way to promote your event sponsors. Comments from the guests who experienced the products first-hand would serve as a testimonial about how good the sponsors’ products were. Throw in your best and most interesting questions about the product. Remember to keep an eye on notable persons like VIPs and influencers to catch more attention for your sponsors.

Sponsor Highlights

Get a classic overview shot of the event sponsors and showcase their product with artsy angles, framings, and swift movements. Exceptional eye-candy shots like these might seem typical. But through creative shots, it will definitely leave the audience with a great impression on your sponsors. Not only will the viewers be fascinated by this promotion. The sponsors might appreciate your effort and partner with you again, seeing how much you promote them to your audience.


Sometimes, it’s really not that difficult to get an awesome video. A sweet B-roll can do the trick. To capture a good b-roll shot for your event sponsors, simply take a random stroll around the event and shoot clips of people enjoying your sponsor’s products. Show people having a great time at your event sponsors’ booth. This effortless style will speak for the sponsors as you are not forcing the brand to the viewers. You are making them remember it unconsciously through suggestive but aesthetic shots. Plus, people seeing other people enjoying the brand can convince them that it’s totally worth a shot.

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