How to Add Personality to Your Elearning Videos

June 5, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

When producing elearning videos, you might have to abide by the rules or protocols set by your school or university. But, this doesn’t mean that you cannot inject personality to your content.

You might need to stick to the script, format, and layout provided to you, but there are some parts where you can apply your style for a more effective learning delivery.

Here are some things you might want to consider when adding personality to your elearning videos:

  1. Mind your habits

The key to creating captivating content is to think of it as a performance. In any stage of video production, your habits will come into play. For example, if drinking tea, reciting tongue twisters, taking a bath, doing 20 push ups, or vocalizing first before filming helps you find your groove, have a go at it. Habits or rituals can help you find your centre and become grounded and at ease.

  1. Mind your body language

It’s not rocket science that people can pick up on your mood just by looking at you. Projecting authenticity builds trust, but being too comfortable and informal while filming educational content is just outlandish. Avoid slouching, relax your muscles, and always keep an open position.

  1. Mind your journey

Being an elearning video presenter or producer gives you a valuable skillset that can help you in any industry you might find yourself in. Remember that doing your homework and finding your voice doesn’t stop the moment the camera started rolling, or even when you completed your elearning modules. Keep finding your style by putting yourself out there. Start with simple vlogs or manage your very own YouTube Channel.

By being mindful of every aspect of your elearning video content, you provide far more value as you set the gold standard.

We hope you can apply this to your next elearning video, and as always, happy recording!


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