How to Use Video As An Effective Learning Tool

June 5, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

What’s happening in the world has become so outrageous people were predicting that, by 2020 we thought we’d have flying cars, but here we are, teaching people how to wash their hands. While the crisis should not be taken lightly, this reminds us time and again to go back to the basics.

Aside from immortalizing important life events, it has now become one of the most viable options during school closure. The basic use of video in creating online and elearning courses urges educational institutions to make the best happen by maximizing this learning alternative.

Here are 2 points to consider when using video in eLearning:

  1. Determine the demands

When the next school term is nearing, the number of educators rapidly transitioning to video learning will grow even more exponentially. By adapting as soon as possible, there’s a higher chance for your school to do a series of fine tuning first and attend through your students’ learning demands through online or elearning.

To determine these learning demands, review your curriculum first and analyse which can be converted into elearning or online learning discussions.

Next, assess the learning delivery. Will it be purely presentations and lectures, demonstration or modelling, or brainstorming activities?

When thinking about the learning delivery, also keep in mind your students’ bandwidth capacity to access the online or elearning materials. Can they access a live presentation in an online learning setup, or will a pre-recorded high quality video for elearning do just fine?

  1. Determine your team capacity

Know that when creating online learning videos, you might need to work with a writer, an instructional designer, or a creative team to craft your curriculum. Aside from manpower, you also need to consider availability of equipment and the technical know-how. Hence, determining your team capacity leads you to determine your needed support. It can be overwhelming at first, so you have to divide this into tasks. Outsourcing them to a video production and strategist company like Greater Visuals can also help ease these demands.

There’s no bar in learning, and filling the literacy gaps with videos is your school or university’s step towards digital transformation. After all, it might just be a matter of time before the education sector fully transition towards it.

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