How to use professional live streaming for your school

May 13, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

Cancelling schools because of COVID-19 should never become an option. Especially when there are viable solutions like professional live streaming. With or without pandemic, live streaming event has a lot to offer. You can leverage it to improve engagement among administrators, teachers, guardians, and students.

Here are some ways this great communication tool could meet several needs of your school:

Online platform for extracurricular activities

Oftentimes, friends and relatives miss performances like play and recitals because they don’t have the time and other resources to attend. By live streaming event at your school, loved ones who can’t personally make it can watch students’ performances via live stream. Parents and students can invite viewers to watch it real-time and online.

Organise parent-teacher conferences

Attending every school activity can be challenging to parents who already have enough on their plate. By making the event accessible to them online, schools can help them make better decisions about their kids’ education. By assisting them to be fully involved with the students’ learning journey, schools can also foster better relationships.

Broadcast announcement and updates

The school administration can also show their concern to the students and parents by constantly updating them. Your school principal or dean can deliver the updates during a scheduled weekly live streaming event. It is important for the parents and students to know how the institution is coping. As it is equally important for the administrators to receive feedback and answer questions real-time.

If it takes a village to raise a kid, just imagine the leverage of having an engaging online community. There’s no way we can innovate the learning system and improve our interactions in time of crisis but to maximise the use of new technology.

Let’s make live streaming event fun and accessible at our school, and as always, happy recording!

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