How Online Learning Bridges Real World Experiences

May 13, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

The Australian School System is one of the most respected and admired education system worldwide. One of the reasons for this is its focus on giving students practical skills that can make them easily employable. But, how do we make the same principles available through online learning? Do we have enough educational online videos in Australia that will empower our learners even more?

We continue to face unprecedented changes as we enter a new decade in 2020. The uncertainties we are facing did not even give us the benefit to “look before we leap”. We have to take bolder measures, even in the area of education. Distance learning becomes an imperative, not an alternative. Online learning has never been this sought-after. Teachers were compelled to take education from the confines of the classrooms. They now have to bring it in every home.

Provides more learning opportunities

Most parents are suddenly left in their own devices and with their kids. And, it provided both parties with new understanding of the challenges in education. We see parents improvise with the help of educational online videos. On the other hand, most kids can now focus more without the noise and distraction in the classroom. Online learning also manages the learner to teacher ratio, solving any possible teacher shortage problem.

Levels the learning field

The availability of affordable and even free online learning tools somewhat helps fill the gap. It could benefit students in the lower socio-ecomic backgrounds. Pre-recorded videos can also help students in remote areas or outside the cities with limited internet connection.

Connects with real world heroes

Through educational online videos, you can also invite professionals to talk about a particular subject matter. For example, you can invite a tax officer to speak to your online class about taxation. Initiatives like this give both you and your students deeper knowledge with practical advantages.

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