One-Two Punch Approach to Warm You Up in Livestreaming Product Demo

July 13, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

If you are running a business or working at the Sales and Marketing Department, chances are, you have used product demos to move your brand. Product demo is a tried-and-tested marketing strategy that leads to faster sales conversion because clients can experience the products’ benefits real-time. But, what do you do when physical interaction is limited or simply impossible?

This is where livestreaming comes in. By making the most of technology and connecting with your customers virtually, you can still highlight your product’s competitive features through a digital show and tell.

Before you set up your product for demo, there are two things that you need to consider first:

  1. Know what to show

If you have more than one product, picking an item for the demo can be overwhelming. This is why you need to set an objective first. Will you pick a slow moving product or capitalize on your high-performing item, in terms of sales?

You can also pick a product that has been getting a lot of inquiries to provide information to clients and understand what they really care about. If applicable, you can even turn this into a social media content or promo by directly asking or creating a survey about which of your products people are most thrilled to see during a livestream.

  1. Have a specific customer in mind

Some customers don’t need to know all the features before they make a purchase, as long as it provides value and satisfies their needs. Pick or build a buyer persona and tweak your messaging to match the buyer’s needs with the product that you offer. By being thoughtful and thorough, you can create a more effective demo for a particular market segment that you are targeting. Remember that you will never be relatable, and your audience will lose interest, unless you resonate with them.

Focus on the quality and not just on the views from your livestream. After all, you can always create different livestream contents for different market segments.

Make sure to rehearse and test everything first before you go live, and as always, happy recording!

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