5 Smartphone Filming Hacks You Should Know

October 13, 2019- Uncategorized- techadmin

Got a story you’ve been dying to tell but worried about the production, equipment, and costs? Fret not, the answer to this burden has always been in our hands—literally. With smartphones continuously evolving with advanced cameras and crisper sound recorders—not to mention tons of cool apps—the birth of a new movie is one tap away, waiting to get launched. Call on your crew and get ready to set the lights, focus the camera, and do the action with these five smartphone video hacks.

Lock and load

Before you set your cameras on focus, make sure you do not forget this important task: spring-clean your phone. While clearing out junk could be a little time consuming, the convenience and less chances of getting interrupted by the “memory full” notification is definitely rewarding. Nobody wants to lose their momentum when shooting, right?

Get the right app

Your smartphone is definitely king when it comes to convenience. With tons of cool apps around the corner, you can find and download tools in the App Store or Playstore that can enhance your shooting that your basic camera phone could not give.


Keep things smooth and steady with a phone stabiliser. Lots of affordable camera stabilisers are now available in the market, and if you are on a tighter budget, you can also hit up our friendly neighborhood Google and get crafty with a DIY stabiliser. With one of these video hacks, voila, your contents will look as pro as it can get—no magics required.

Light it right

Every videographer and photographer’s best friend is great lighting. May it be natural light or using some equipment, learning smart lighting techniques can bring out the best in your subject. This is one of the video hacks that could be the key to your greater visuals.

Power up

You will never run out of creative concepts, but batteries? You will be easily drained. Before going to a shoot, make sure you have charged your battery a hundred percent and bring extra power banks with you to keep rolling. Convenient and literally powerful, indeed.

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