2021 Video Marketing Trends to Adopt for Business Success

February 11, 2021- Uncategorized- Orville

Strategise your way to success with videos

Without a doubt, 2020 has made video an even more integral part of our daily digital habits and work or school routines. Here are some 2021 video marketing trends that will blast your video marketing further as we expect video to continue to be on the rise this 2021.

 1. Automation and workforce strategy

The idea of working remotely has reached a critical mass, and executives needed to adapt to newer technologies. Gadget and connectivity upgrades (Hello, 5G) are highly recommended for businesses this year as people strive for more seamless communication, exchange of business ideas, and faster execution.

Tip: Set up your own studio-grade livestreaming solutions or look for a video production agency as live video helps create a consistent and collaborative workplace.

 2. Virtual events and Value-As-A-Service

People’s confidence in taking their trade online increased, from celebrity performers to traditional artists and businesses. What this 2021 video marketing trend means for your business is that people are now more primed for new approaches like digital event subscription models where you can continue to create value for them.

Tip: Map your customers’ past live event experiences and create a digital counterpart to create a high-ticket, high-value virtual event. 


2021 video trends


 3. More videos to be sold online, worldwide

More people have turned to digital learning to make the most of their time at home. As it now became part of people’s new routines and habits, online courses will continue to sell like hotcakes! In fact, Udemy has been raising hundreds of millions since last year as it is looking to go public with Initial Public Offering this March 2021. In your business, you can take the baby steps in creating Masterclass-type of video products by starting your own YouTube channel.

Tip: Package your knowledge! Create e-learning courses about what you do best to monetise your skills or become an industry thought leader. 

 4. Hypergrowth of online communities 

91% of Facebook survey respondents said they have given some form of support through their preferred group or community in 2020, from sharing vital information to providing financial support to local business. Statistics show that it will grow even more this year as people value digital connection.

TIP: Pin a brand video on your online community articulating your “WHY” or brand purpose

 5. Removing physical barriers in digital commerce

Video selling or livestreaming your product is no longer a nice-to-have feature in online selling platforms, but has become a tool to increase trust and build relationships despite geographic distance between sellers and buyers. Explosive improvements were also observed across other industries like telemedicine in health and homeschooling in public education.

TIP: Train your salespeople to practice being more confident in speaking in front of a live camera. You can also create, or hire someone to produce, a pre-recorded 2021 Video Business Card where they can discuss services or product features 

Video is the way forward no matter your industry. If your marketing team is not putting video strategies at the head of the table just yet, you may be missing a lot of opportunities.


We’d love to hear what you think of these 2021 video marketing trends. Let us know if you’re on to something!


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