How to use live streaming for vocational courses

May 13, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

Sharing learning experiences may vary depending on the type of course in your chosen field. For vocational courses involving hands-on skills, high-quality multiple videos are great learning tool. Getting live instructions can enhance the experience when you are learning about cooking, carpentry, car repair and mechanics, etc.

With the following uses of live streaming for vocational courses, you might want to start creating one for your school today:

Show details and processes

Lectures and reading materials can only do so much. For courses that need hands-on training, live streaming with multiple cameras provides a great alternative. It allows students to observe the details and processes of their trade. Live streaming also allows instructors to answer students’ questions real-time, enriching their learning experience.

Invite resource speakers

Teachers can maximise different live streaming solutions. For example, having multiple camera angles allows your subject matter experts to show “a day in the life” while they are on the job. Hearing from professionals who are already successful in their fields inspire students. It helps them gather practical insights from their role models. Real life anecdotes and practical solutions give students a tip or two on how they can excel in their chosen field.

Open forum for students

The challenge in distance learning is the absence of physical interaction in confined spaces. But, this doesn’t mean that shared learning is not possible. Live streaming helps you manage distance learning by creating open forum for students. Hearing from them allows you to gauge if everyone is getting the desired value from your classes. You can analyse if you are all on the same learning page as you assess how they fare.

With a range of affordable and portable solutions, you can now stream multiple classes with live presenters without the need for a professional studio set up. We hope you find one that suits your needs, and as always, happy recording!


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