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May 13, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

Live streaming, or the real-time broadcasting of an event over the internet, can pose a lot of technical concerns and challenges to the hosts. Every decision that will affect your virtual event is now up to you! We understand those running conversations in your head. Which video conferencing platform is the most accessible to my audience? What kind of camera setup should I use? Is my webcam just fine or should I go for the professional studio set up? They might seem basic, but all these details need to be addressed. Because every detail contributes to the overall quality of your live streaming event.

This is why we are sharing some tips today on how you can enhance the quality of your live strea. We hope these provide you with insights and value to your online audience:

Audio quality

Using your computer, smartphone, or camera’s built-in microphone can save you some money and time in setting up. But, it can compromise your real-time video content delivery. At Greater Visuals, we use Rode’s Wireless Go System for better audio quality. It serves as an audio transmitter and receiver, yet it’s simple to use – you just have to clip it on.

Remember that pausing is not an option when you are live streaming. You cannot edit the footage, so you better have a reliable audio system that can send your message crystal clear to your audience.

Camera quality

To live stream like a pro, simply mounting a regular off-the-shelf webcam might not be the ideal setup. Your computer probably also has a built-in camera. Although, this was designed for casual video chatting and not for professional live streaming.

Low specs webcam gives a flat lighting which keeps you from having a clean corporate look. Having a live streaming-friendly camera can spell the difference between a pixelated and a crisp and vibrant video.

Camera angles

When on a video call, you probably have experienced adjusting your computer or your webcam a lot of times just to find the perfect angle. Imagine doing this while live streaming! Camera placement should be the least of your problems when going live. You can address this by using affordable and portable live streaming solutions. An example is a video switcher which provides not only a dynamic range but also a broadcast quality. It’s perfect for multiple live presenters. You can have 2 to 4 camera angles, and you can also insert presentation slides simultaneously. Since it can capture multiple angles, it gives more dynamic range and pulls your audience to your content.

We maximise solutions like this at Greater Visuals, and assist clients by conducting a live webinar for any number of days, so you can experience first-hand how it can improve your business.

We’d love to show you how you can use a video switcher in your livestreaming event soon.
But as always, happy recording!


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