Webcam Tips When Working from home

April 1, 2020- Uncategorized- techadmin

Most corporate sectors around the world has advised its employees to work from home, owing to the outbreak of novel coronavirus and its repercussions. This means that you are left with no other recourse but to turn your home into a mini office. And, you now have to carry out all your daily tasks from there. Even if other tasks are done smoothly throughout the day, taking part in a meeting or conference call through a webcam might look a bit challenging. We’re here to help! So, in this article, we will cover some work from home tips, including 7 tips when using webcam while you are on remote work setup.

Get into a comfortable attire

Before switching on the webcam, change into an attire that is both comfortable and complements the spirit of the interaction that you will have over the camera. The good news is, because you will be recording from a static position (considering you’ll be sitting down), you will only have to change the top half and leave the bottom as it is.

The placement of the webcam should be right

If the camera is not set at an appropriate angle, it can either distort the features of your face or exaggerate them. Thus, creating an unpleasant angle. To achieve the perfect angle, one of our work from home tips is to elevate the laptop or computer a bit. Ensure that the webcam is on your eye level or a little above than that. But, never above your hairline to keep your audience engaged. The goal is to recreate the actual feel of looking them in the eye while engaging them in a conversation. Moreover, the webcam should be far enough to neatly accommodate your shoulders and still have some space to spare in the background.

Have a lot of natural light

As most of professional meetings and webinars are scheduled during the day, capitalise on the natural light that enters your room. Light should brighten your face and not produce shadows. If you are sitting against the light, turn the table around to avoid extra backlighting or too little light. That’s number two of our work from home tips for you!

Clear the backdrop

After you have assembled the webcam properly, review your backdrop to spot and remove things that can cause distraction. Try to keep it as simple and clean as possible. Also be mindful of the windows that let sunlight in as it might reflect on your computer screen. It might create glares, distracting you and your colleagues.

Sit in a quiet place

Another factor that must be taken into account while setting up the webcam is the sound in the background. Mostly, people are concerned about the picture when they are recording video and consequently, neglect the quality of the audio. If you share your room with other people, see what you can do to minimise the sound level. Request and communicate with them about your setup. Additionally, turn off the fans and machines that can create excessive noise.

Use quality headphones

If there is at all no alternative of reducing the sound in your background, use quality headphones that can cancel out the external noise. Ensure also that its speakers can deliver your voice in a crisp and clear manner. Preferably, resort to USB microphones as the sound quality is far better than the other options available. It can be cost-effective, too.

Practice with the webcam setup

If you got new equipment, or are shooting at a new location, it is always wise to test record one or two videos before going live. This will help you with two things. First, you will know if you have access to the necessary angle and level of quality. Second, you will have your personal formula or technique of using a webcam like a pro.

If you have a big and important corporate-wide virtual event coming up, you may also consider upgrading your gear, or ask for more professional advice from videographers or people with studio setup.

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