Top 5 Videos Every Hotel, Venue, and Restaurant Need

October 13, 2019- Uncategorized- techadmin

People are amused by both leisure and videos. So, imagine leisure captured on video? It’s almost a guarantee to get massive engagements! As much as we love getting video clicks as it validates people’s interest in our business, these can actually be converted into sales. At least, that’s what we learned from the sales funnel strategy. If you have decided to work on your virtual tour or overall video marketing strategy, this could be your head start. Here are 5 great ideas you can use for your hotel, venue, or restaurant’s video content.

Video tour

There are numerous video styles but when you are in doubt, you could never go wrong with the good ‘ol classic—a simple virtual tour. One of the most effective videos you can make for your business, this showcases your hotel or restaurant facilities in one inviting video. If you want to make a good impression by highlighting your hotel or restaurants’ best assets, this video is a great start.

Message from the main man

Speaking of being inviting, another video that is perfect for the hospitality industry is a personal video greeting by the owner or manager. A short, professional, and welcoming message from the big bosses can make the customers feel like a VIP.

Creative story

This is when art meets commerce. Get your creative juices flowing to create one remarkable video (that could even pass as a film) while dropping a subtle hint of inviting the viewers to go check out your business. Brainstorm ideas and include relatable feels to create a wonderful story that viewers will remember your brand for.


It’s the age of powerful social media ambassadors, or influencers, so why not take advantage of it. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, find the right ambassador you can partner with. Ask them to feature your hotel and restaurant through virtual tour. With a successful partnership, this will lead to an improvement on popularity and your business’ reach that could convert to better sales.

Customer reviews

Getting five-star reviews on Facebook is a big deal—not to mention, fulfilling. Why not share the good news with your audience through a video? With that, more people will get intrigued about the food or service and will try to see for themselves. Whether you’ll have it through testimonial interviews or other strategies, don’t be afraid to get creative with presenting your customer satisfaction ratings in video.


As more people embrace the digital world, creating virtual tour and other types of videos for your business could boost your sales. It is not just some fancy nice-to-haves, but a part if not a pillar of your marketing strategy. It has now become a necessity, and the power to start is in your hands (and your chosen gears!).

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